Fayette Christian School Presents:

How I Met Your Mummy

Friday, May 3rd at 7:00 pm

Saturday, May 4th at 6:00 pm

A mysterious mummy.  A pushy reporter.  A wacky Egyptian mystic.  Three high school cinematographers.   A nutty archaeologist. Two clueless robbers.  And a greedy museum director.  Everyone wants the mummy.  Can Melvin Trimble, the world’s most cowardly security guard, protect the mummy from the all, considering it’s his first night on the job?  Or will he be left taking the “wrap”?  And why are there, not one, not two, but three creepy mummies roaming the halls? 

Concession stand will be open before the performance, during intermission, and afterwards.


$3.00 students (K5-12th grade)
$5.00 adults
$10.00 family
$3.00 senior citizen/students

Special offer:
Return with your ticket stub from Friday for $2.00 discount Saturday

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