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Crusader Cards are back for 2021! Ask a student or the office about the discounts.

Upcoming Events 


Spirit Shirts

We have welcomed several new students for the new semester. Because of that, we will be making a mid-year Spirit Shirt order. If you would like to order, please use the attached form, and return it to the school by Friday, January 15. The shirts will be ready the following Friday. (Remember that students who want to dress down for spirit days, must have this shirt in order to participate.) This is the same shirt that we offered at the beginning of the year, so if you already have this shirt, you need not order another one.

Order Form


Yearbook Photos Needed

Mrs. Fitch needs photos from the 1st-3rd grade elementary Christmas program. Please email your photos to


No School

We will not have school on Monday, January 18.



Crusader basketball players will be soliciting pledges for free throws they can make out of one hundred tries.  The sponsors will pay for the number of shots made.

Tips for getting pledges:

  1. Get out and work!  Ask people!  Do not be embarrassed about seeking pledges.  You will find our community willing to support us.
  2. Explain the program, why we are having it, and where the money will be spent.
  3. Tell the sponsors that all donations are tax deductible and that you will bring them a receipt if they want one.
  4. Seek pledges from family members, relatives, neighbors, former players, or anyone with whom your family does business.
  5. Ask parents to help you solicit pledges.  Ask them to take the pledge sheet to work with them.
  6. When seeking pledges, dress neatly, be polite, and try to wear something identifying yourself as a Crusader basketball player.
  7. Each coach will determine when his team will shoot.

Click for Game Ball Sponsor Form.


Crusader Cards

Crusader Cards are back! Cards are $10 each and feature discounts on many local businesses and restaurants.  Check with the office or a student about how to purchase a card after the first of the year.  The Crusader Cards are sponsored by McDonald's of Fayette County. 

Discounts available for McDonald's, Ranchers, Waffle House, The Willow Restaurant, Buckley Brothers, Donatos, Roosters, Giovannis, DQ, Little Caesars, EZ Oil Change, Inc., Prime Meats and Deli, Our Place Family Restaurant, Sonic, Whit's, Subway, Streetside 62, Two Scoops of Sugar, SWB, El Canon Mexican Restaurant, Capuana's Courtview Deli, Super Sport Pizza and Wings, Country Cakes & Bakes, Back-en-Thyme, GL Pettit's LLC, and the Noble Pig.

Click for details.


Delays or Cancellations

Please be sure to watch Gradelink for text alerts concerning delays or cancellations.  See the Closings and Delays page for more details.


Wish List

Coming soon... a new way to bless Fayette Christian School...

Our new Wish List on will be up and running soon.

If you would like to bless Fayette Christian School in a tangible way, just check out our wishlist at for specific items that the teachers or administrators would love to use at the school.  Items can be shipped directly to FCS and can be tax deductible donations.  Check it out!


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Daily Guidelines for Health and Safety


This sheet gives you information regarding the steps we are taking to try to minimize the potential impact of the Corona virus. Procedures may be adjusted as necessary as we continue to monitor the health of our school. We will continue our approach of being responsible while being reasonable.

Dr. Manning, the Chief of Staff at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital gives these four primary factors (in order of importance) for helping schools have a safe and healthy environment.

  1. Masking
  2. Distancing (6 feet apart is optimal, but some distance is better than no distance.)
  3. Hand washing and sanitizing.
  4. Cleaning high-touch surfaces.

We will focus on these four areas and will be following these basic guidelines:


We ask that you self-assess your child before coming to school. If your child shows symptoms of being sick (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.), please keep your child home.

Students will have their temperature checked prior to exiting their vehicle.

Students with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be allowed to stay at school.

Students with a normal temperature will enter the building and proceed to their homeroom.

Students will order lunch in their homeroom. Lunch orders, heats, and colds will be collected from the homerooms.


The drinking fountains will be off limits. Each student must have his own water bottle. Teachers will take their class to the kitchen for filling and refilling water bottles as the large sinks. The teacher should turn on the water and allow the student to hold his/her bottle for filling.

Students may not share supplies.

Students will have assigned seats in classes, the lunch room, and the auditorium.

Regular handwashing and hand sanitizing will be observed.

Classes will stay in their cohort as much as possible.


Students will wear masks when they enter the building; when they move individually or as a group from their class room to another location (restroom, lunch, chapel, music, etc.); when adequate distancing is not possible; and when they are waiting in carline at the end of the day.

Students will not need to wear masks while at lunch, recess, or P.E.

When students are quietly reading or working, masks may not be necessary. When students are working on collaborative assignments or other close activities, students will need to wear masks.


We will follow the usual carline procedures. Students will need to wear their masks until they get into their vehicles.


Frequent cleaning of high-contact areas will be done throughout the school day. At the end of the day, teachers will wipe down all contact areas.


If a student becomes sick while at school, he/she will be immediately isolated and supervised in the side room of the church nursery near the church office. The student will remain there until a parent or other caretaker can come to take the student home.

If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the Fayette County Health Department will contact us and will direct us as to who will need to be quarantined or isolated and for how long.

In the event of the quarantine of a student, cohort (class), or entire school, distance learning will be used to maintain the learning process.


Fayette Christian School is set on providing the children of our community and surrounding area with an exceptional educational experience that will prepare them for life and give them an opportunity to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.